The Umbrella Of Your Soul

my shoes are wet

Poos and Wees
15 June
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Meet Your Meat
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Canterbury Girls' High School - Sydney NSW AU (1999 - 2004)
University of New South Wales - Sydney NSW AU (2005 present)
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3am pasta, a clockwork orange, adult swim, alcohol, architecture in helsinki, art!, arthouse, artyness, bags for bags, baker's delight, bands, bangles, beads, ben folds, ben folds five, ben kweller, ben lee, books, boxes, bracelets, breezes, broken mirrors, buttons, cacti, cake, candles, care bears, cats, charlie, chocolate, cuddles, custard, cutting your own hair, dada, dancing, david bowie, donnie darko, drawing, drinking, drum media, edward scissorhands, ee cummings, elephants, emily the strange, emo hair, emo pirates, eskimo joe, faeries, faery day, feather boas, feathers, fire, fringes, funk, girlpants, glitter, glue, gp♥p&w4evs, hairclips, hands, harry potter, hug sluts, igloos, incense, indie boys, jeff buckley, jumping, kissing, lakes, leaves, lemon sunrise, live music, loving, luff, mangoes, modest mouse, monty python, musak!, muscles, music, mystery, newtown, nick cave, non-conformity, op shop wardrobe, passion pop, pasta, penguins, photography, piercings, pirates, poo, poolsalt, poos and wees, pre-fatphil-grinspoon, prose, q, rachpie (with sauce), radio, rain, rainbows, rambling incessantly, random art, random green bookblor!, ringo, rings, safety pins, screaming, singing, skanking, skipping, slips, sparkles, spider man, spiderwebs, spirals, spoon, sport! *points*, stars, storms, stripes, swimming, tartan, the bens, the brak show, the dears, the eighties, the labyrinth, the nightmare before christmas, the poo mobile, the seventies, the shins, the unicorns, the winks, the young ones, they might be giants, thomas the tank engine, tie dying, tom waits, tori amos, triple j, tumbleweed, ub40, water, wax, x, yellow, your mum, z,

X because it's extra baby
Y because it's extra baby
Unnoticed by few
Very very few
And that includes you


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